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People are attracted towards Pune-city due to its best educational and job opportunities. Moving to this lively city can be easy with the Packers and Movers in Pune for local, domestic and international shifting. Compare the cost of pune packers and movers and get free quotes. The services offered by these professional moving companies are packing, unpacking, loading and unloading of goods and furniture from one location to another within the city or from one city to another like Pune to Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and more.

Know Little bit About Pune City

This developed city gives you the necessary provisions and a comfortable & peaceful environment to settle down.

Indexed as one of the best places to live, Pune topped the list among the ‘ease of Living Index’ which was launched by the housing and urban affairs ministry. It left Navi & Greater Mumbai and 109 more cities behind. The assessment was made using 78 indicators and 15 categories such as governance, health, safety, security, economy, affordable housing, transportation & mobility.

Pune is also ranked in the top 13 cleanest cities in India under the Swachh Sarevkshan 2017 survey.  Punya Nagari or Pune is a place where two rivers – Mula and Mutha River converge.

Pune had been a major educational and cultural hub since the ages of Jawaharlal Nehru. Our former Prime Minister referred Pune city as the “Oxford & Cambridge of India”.  The reason behind given it a signature is it’s a- grade constituents and affiliated colleges.

With more than 30 constituent some of them are well renowned like – University of Pune, Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute. This institute consists of Sanskrit & Prakrit languages and has more than 20, 000 ancient manuscripts.

Moreover, Pune city is also the headquarters of the southern command of Indian Army.

After the emergence of the British, the formal method of education – schools and colleges started. So did the new and recognized institutions started.

Each year 10 -12 percent (which is in lakhs) people migrate to Pune for job and educational purposes. Consequently, the need for packers and Movers always stay high on request.

But, why would these people be looking for Movers and Packers for shifting?

Around the Clocks will help you understand the major role of shifting companies during the move.

Why is it necessary to hire Packers and Movers in Pune?

We all are well aware that shifting isn’t an easy process. And if you are working simultaneously, it could be really stressful. Because you need to do a lot of things before relocation like packing all the stuff, loading them on the moving day, unloading from the moving trucks rental, unpacking the entire stuff, cleaning your new place and then finally rearranging all your stuff again.

Wow! That’s a lot of work. This load of work might give you pressure, strain, and tension. Movers and Packers are meant to reduce all this pressure from your brain.

This idea is really tried and tested and been used by many. You can find these service providers in almost all developing as well as developed cities.

The packers are smart and experts in their profession. They understand the needs of each client they deal with from packing to relocation.

Moving companies are flexible as per the needs of the client. You can hire them to just load and unload the packaged boxes. You can hire them from packaging to unloading. Or you can hire them for an extra services as arranging, cleaning & more.  

Did You Make Moving Checklist Before Hiring Packers And Movers In Pune?

Pune is surrounded by the picturesque of Deccan plateau, so is termed as the Queen of Deccan is famous for its historical, social, cultural and political importance.

So before making a move into this Queen of Deccan, make sure to list all the valuables. Even the tiniest of work or article should not be missing out for packing and relocating.

You can start working on your move before two months. Making an organized plan and implementing it step-by-step within timeline can help you make a smart move.  Whether you are moving alone or with family, you must keep track of these things when moving.

·         Decide and get rid of nonessentials – First thing, you must analyze all your rooms and the articles present in them.  Take time to figure out what you want to carry with you and what not.

·         Invest some time for research – Start exploring packing and moving companies. Make some investigation. Have a word with them. But do not completely rely on their quote. Try getting it on writing and check for the authentication.

·         Make your own inventory – It’s always good to have a moving binder, where you can note down number of moving articles, receipts, and all estimates related to relocation.

·         Records – Be it your records or documents or be it your children’s, all are necessary. Keep copies of all of them including medical records for extra care. Make arrangements of children’s school record for their new school or college.

These were some of the things that you need to be prepared for two months before moving. Further, we will share the things to do before a month or week before moving.

·         Make address changes – Because you are about to move, it’s time to ask your cable, electricity, water and telephone bill to come to your new address. Moreover, your banks & similar other departments need notification about your movement.

·         Get packing boxes – If you are doing the packaging part yourself, then find some good quality moving boxes and packing tapes beforehand. Start packing the irregular used items and label the relocating boxes with the content inside.

·         Check vehicles – Get your vehicles checked in the service center and make them ready for the new location. You might not find everything near you, so it’s better to be ready.

·         Package few weeks ago – Try to finish your general packing few weeks before your moving day if, you are doing packing.

·         Keep valuables with you – Make sure to keep the stuff which you will need immediately after relocation. Likewise – towel, brush, soap, etc. Also, make sure to keep jewelry and important files with you while relocating.

After organizing all your items, it’s time to ask your moving company to load all your packed boxes (if you have done) into their transportation carrier.

If you did not get time to make inventory, or pack your items, do not worry, Mover and Packers will help you with that too.

Around the clocks will help you explore how these relocation service providers pack, manage and relocate all your goods effortlessly.

How Do Packers And Movers In Pune Work?

Pune is known as one of the growing industrial city of India. Because Mumbai has abundance of industries and have no scope further, so the industrialist headed towards Pune.

If you are given the opportunity to work with some of the brilliant industrialists in Pune city, then you must start packing your bags else call for Movers and packers local.

There are two types of moving companies – one is Packers and movers within Pune city that will assist you in the locale. And the other are those packers and movers outside Pune city which offer inter-city or state facilities.

You can hire as per your destination and know their method of working.

1.       They will analyze your entire home or office and make sure everything works smoothly and securely from packing to loading to unloading.

2.       They would have all the packing material to pack your stuff be it home or office shifting. Their team consists of experts that are reliable and are good at their work.

3.       Packer and Movers are very systematic so they make their work done as quickly as possible. Two professional packers can pack around 100 cartons a day.

4.       To direct these swift professionals it is important for you to give every minute to them. You will direct them which cartoon would have which article.

5.       Whatever you provide them, they will pack them. So pre-packing prep is necessary. Make sure you have only those items that you want to get packed and loaded.

6.       Once packed and loaded, the company would provide you the inventory of the list of items.

7.       They will make sure to provide the necessary navigation system to track all the goods.

8.       They will also provide you with optimal insurance policy for damage or loss occurred by the company.

9.       They will provide you the tentative time for the entire process including the travel time to reach the destination and unloading the entire stuff.

10.   They would only ask for the payment after the successful delivery of the relocation packages. There are some companies that ask for the token money in advance.

 What are the terms and conditions for hiring any packer and mover in Pune?

Good packers are trained to wrap and protect your entire stuff with their specific placement. They make sure that your items are never broken and mark those boxes that needs to be handled with care. Thus, there are certain terms and conditions that they follow when working with any client.

Customer satisfaction is their utmost goal, thus they make their working procedure clear and transparent to the client.

Handling with care doesn’t mean that damage cannot occur, but it is less common to occur with the professional packer and mover than pack yourself and loading them into a moving trucks rental.

Here around the clocks will share some of the common terms and conditions that any packer and mover would list in their page.

1.       They ask you to intimate at least 3-4 days prior to the moving day.

2.       If loading a two or four wheeler, the vehicle must contain an adequate amount of fuel.

3.       Some companies ask for a token money, thus you might be asked to pay 25% of the total amount prior to the shifting.

4.       Goods not mentioned in the list can be carried but will cost extra.

5.       Many moving companies have storage or warehouse facilities under your budget. However, loading, unloading and packers and movers local delivery charges are extra.

6.       A reliable packers and movers take responsibility of the goods they will shift. For any damages occurred through them, they provide a necessary value protection of insurance for the same (we will share the value protection services below).

7.       Few companies offer electrical, carpentry or plumbing facilities but charge extra for it.

8.       Cancellation of any goods can be made before 24 hours of moving or bookings made of the goods.

9.       Companies majorly follow process – enquiry, pre booking survey, packing, moving, unpacking and customer reviews.

10.   Some of the companies may charge for the unpacking and arranging of the items.

11.   Cleaning services may also be chargeable by the companies that provide this service.

12.   Companies are not responsible for the damage that occurs through natural calamities, riots, and curfews.


Note: The companies offer two kinds of value protection – Full value protection or Partial value protection. Under partial value protection, the company offers USD $0.50 per pound article or USD $2.00 per cubic foot per article which so ever is greater.

In case of full value protection, the company tries to replace the damaged of lost article or reimburse the amount of the article as per its market price.

Moreover, the company offers a chargeable insurance for the goods that will be carried away to relocate.

However, it is always essential to read the refund or reimbursement policy provided by the company.

Your Responsibility as a Client towards Packers and Movers in Pune

If a mover and packer has responsibility to complete the relocation service effectively, then there are certain responsibilities from your end to give to the moving companies.

Confused! Let’s clear it up!

·         After reading all the documents thoroughly, you will understand the working procedure of the company that you have hired. The documentation might help in building the trust for the company. But, it is still essential for you to be present at the time of packing and loading of your goods. Doing so will give indication to the company that you are active as well as cautious of your stuff and not ready to compromise at any cost.

·         There are times that you might need to switch or postponed your shifting process. Thus, it is your responsibility to notify the company with the actual date of shifting or the postponed duration from the actual. This might save your some extra charges too.

·         To ensure that all your unloaded goods have reached the destined successfully, unpack all in front of the company team. This will give you the exact situation of your goods. If broken or scratched the company is liable to pay you.

·         Check the quality of the packaging material used for packing your boxes. You can ask for quality boxes and tape, if you feel they are not suitable for your items.

·         When you are done with the relocation, you must check the number of boxes, which were loaded in the moving truck. If any missing, you can ask for the accountability of the missing box. Once you are satisfied with their service, you are then liable to make payment.

List of the Top Packers and Movers in Pune

Multinational companies have spread their web by establishing themselves in Pune as well. People want to move in such a city that offers them great work space as well as peaceful environment. Thus, Pune is offering both of them which is why people want to relocate to the city.

With the increased technical as well as industrial growth and people relocating themselves in Punya Nagari, Movers and Packers are high-in-demand.

We have mentioned the list of relocation services provider for both regions – packers and movers within Pune city and packers and movers outside Pune city.

You can compare the cost of the best packers and movers in Pune as per your budget from the above mentioned list.  Still, you have any queries in mind, below we have a few questions to which we have answered.

Faq's - Frequently Asked Questions

Reliable and good companies offer tracking software to every customer to check the route, time and traffic during the relocation process.

The work procedure of any reliable packer and mover would be quite the same. They would enquire about the services you want with them, including your current address to the new address. They would survey the house or office that needs to be shifted with the amount of stuff it has and their placements (if you are hiring them for arranging). At the time of final moving day they would pack all your stuff and load it to get moving. They would reach the destination within the given time frame and provide unloading as well as unpacking services.

Shifting city to city could be very difficult. Thus, movers and packers make it a lot easier for those who are planning to shift to a new location. They would manage to pack all the items by themselves. You will not have to worry about the packing boxes, tapes or other resources it’s all up to them to manage it all. Moreover, they are trained to do it effortlessly and properly.

They have their charges as per the requirement. Which means the charges are delegated as per the distance travelled, the amount of things you need to relocate, does the relocation of the stuff requires more than on truck, number of resources and more. The charges may start from 6000 and increase as per your demand.

No, as such no such company has asked for charges for relocation apart from the quoted charges.

Depending upon the area and the amount of goods you need to relocate. If you are shifting a villa or an office, then it might take 3-4 hours in a survey.

Yes, some of the professional and experts offer custom clearance as well. They also hold special huge containers needed to lift tons of items in them. They have the resources to relocate through sea as well as air with a comprehensive infrastructure facilities.

You must start looking for a packer and mover at least a month before and call them for survey at least 15 days before the moving day.

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