Top & Best Packers and Movers Mumbai For Home & Office Shifting

How to find the top & best Packers & Movers in Mumbai City?

Bought a new home in Mumbai? Congratulations! Whether same or different city shifting can become less difficult and much easier with the help of Packers and Movers in Mumbai with those loads of books, clothes, shoes, electronics, furniture & more.

Definitely, one of the most important and tedious as well as exhausting tasks, packing & moving your entire stuff to a whole new place.

If shifting was that easy then there would have been no Packers and Movers established.

But, how did it all started? (History of packers and movers Mumbai)

In early years of 1885 – 1911, Alex Pickering Transfer Company used horse-drawn vehicles to pick residential as well as official stuff and moved them to their respective destination.

Within few years, horses were replaced by electric motors to do the same. Today, we see big rectangle-shaped trucks that are capable of loading and moving all the necessary items easily. But how are all the items moved so seamlessly?

The answer to it is – Packaging! Moving items, not to mention the fragile items like crockery, glass items, lamps & similar other objects, needs proper packing with the help of proper hardboard boxes, bubbles wrap – which protects your fragile items – and tape to wrap up all.

How can packers and movers in Mumbai help you in better and sensible shifting? Know their possible advantages!

Packers and movers also a moving company or a van line or a removalist is a company that are meant to serve people and businesses move their goods. Its services for relocating includes packaging, loading, moving, loading, unloading, unpacking & arranging of items. Some of these companies may offer cleaning services for houses, offices or warehouses facilities.

I think with all that facilities, it sounds quite sensible to hire Packer and Mover Company for your next shift!

Today’s technology not just helps in relocating from one city or country to another but could relocate an entire structure.

But, before relocating yourself with these moving companies you must keep these key factors in mind.

Easy packing & moving tips to make your move dead simple!

No detail is too insignificant, so write it down. Pen down all items from needle to broom that you need to move.

Because, shifting would require loads of things to do and you would not want to miss even a single of it.

  • Documents, certificates and other papers of your work are also involved in the most important list – so try to have a copy of them.
  • For those trying to move in a rental houses taking snaps of it would help you locate earlier damages or occurred during the house relocation process.
  • Building a mini & separate clean up kit will help you locate these small utility items.
  • Setting up TV or monitors or an entire home theatre takes time and you would not want to give that extra time of yours for it. So, take pictures of them, when set up before moving, to get things right in short span.
  • Use large boxes for lighter materials and small boxes for heavy materials like books to not to struggle when carrying them.
  • While packing take a step more, add numeric over the boxes with its label & keep note of every single item inside it, so you would not have to open every single box to find a single item.
  • For an efficient packaging remove the clutter, get rid of the unnecessary things and donate them so that you get relieved from extra load and make those things useful to others.
  • Everyone has fixed schedules, then it’s better to appoint packers and movers a month ago to avoid delay or chaos. Those with the flexible schedules can skip weekends and schedule for weekdays. Who know you might turn lucky and get some discount on weekdays.

Check authenticity of packers and movers services in Mumbai

Before hiring any moving company you must note few things to check upon their authenticity.

  1. Double-check the company by asking for their license before moving your items with them.
  2. Read out the list of services, fine print and refund or damage policies they offer.
  3. Find out the specifics so you do not get welcomed by unwanted surprises on the moving day.
  4. It’s better to ask for quotations or know what will a professional packers and movers in Mumbai cost for shifting whether intercity or intercity!
  5. You can also visit their office, check for the necessary resources or proper shipping containers they will use for shifting, know their staff and the way they handle relocations. (If they have some goods packed in their office, you will get the idea of the quality they invest for packaging and moving.)

Researching is never fun, but these ground-work might save you from a lot of trouble or risks of losing your stuff.

Now, that you know what things to keep in mind while packing and choosing a substantial moving company for shifting your stuff, let’s know what could be mindful consequences of the same.

Problems faced while hiring a packers and movers in Mumbai

If you research and ask the potential packers and movers firms, all will promise to provide you with the quality relocation service. But you know that’s not true, there are firms that might have subpar service standards. Thus there are chances that you might have to –

  • Pay some extra bucks – Many professional movers are experts in handling relocation issues & difficult situations. Because they are reliable, careful and pack your things cautiously and relocate them safe & smoothly, they might be expensive than your expectations.

The reason behind they being expensive is the cost of the quality they maintain, including resilient trucks and trailers, pest free store rooms and warehouses, required to transport your goods successfully is incurred from their customers.

Decamping can either cost you much or leave you in the hands of an unexperienced or shifters with the lack of resources.

  • Lack of proper resources – You might just encounter a relocation service provider that offer all the services but at the time of moving day might end up with the necessary resource to move your goods. This will definitely be a heart-breaking situation for you or their might be chances that you end up receiving damaged stuff when you reach your destination.

Thus, to avoid such situation do some research and check the previous reviews of the firm that you have hired.

  • Not ready to adjust – If your packers and movers firm is ready to adjust as per your time then you are lucky enough. But, not everyone would be as fortunate as you. There are firms that have fixed schedules and working standards. So, if you encounter such a company then you might have to make your schedule as per their time.

What can you do – Research a couple of professional packers and movers in Mumbai, ask quote, check for their reviews and compare their services. You will get to know which company is providing best services, flexible time within your budget. Doing so you will be left with a wonderful experience with moving firms.

Recover your damages from Packer and Movers you hired

You might think that relocating goods by yourself is one such easy task. Do it yourself and either you might get frustrated categorizing and packing up the stuff or end up scratching or damaging some of your valuables.

Let this headache be taken by the professional packers and movers which have been practicing since ages and are really proficient in carrying and relocating whether its residential relocation, official shifting, commercial relocation or industrial move.

But, what if damage is carried out by the moving company itself? Here is where an insurance works. A reputable moving company would offer you insurance policy to fill the losses you incurred during the shifting. These key points are necessary to keep in mind if you suffered with the damage-

  • Check your entire stuff in front of mover. If you have damage and you fail to notice in front of them there might be chances that they may not consider the damage made by them.
  • Pre inform about the fragile items to the moving company. Also specify them about the expensive belongings before shifting them to your new home.
  • Do mention the item’s actual price, before and after photos of items, evidences of the items (receipts or credit/debit card statements) and a short description about the damage.

It is always a smart decision to have an insurance done with your moving company. Know the types of valuation or insurance they offer.

Generally, moving companies offer two specific types of protection –

  • Release Value protection – This insurance will give you minimum protection. The company is liable to pay only 60 cent per pound per article damaged. Also the company is not liable to repair or replace the items damaged be it very expensive.

Full value protection – This insurance when filed will give you full protective. The moving company has three options to fulfill your claim – repair the item, replace the item with a comparable value or make payment for the cost of repair on the basis of current market value of the item.

Packer and Movers Payment terms

List of the top packers and movers in Mumbai

Since you got and entire idea of how these relocating service company works, you might need to find the best packers and movers near me. We have sift 10 best affordable packers and movers in Mumbai with nearly 5 start rating that you can hire for you next move. These service providers have resilient wagons to offer world-class service without any damage to your goods with an affordable & sometimes upscale relocation packages. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Packers and Movers Mumbai

There are some of the questions that you might have in mind before hiring a packers and movers company. For example:

  • How much does a Packer and Movers in Mumbai charge for relocation?

Well, every company charge differently. The categories that could contribute in charges variations are distance, number of items you want to move, is it commercial or household, number of people required to help in shifting & more. Considering these factors, the charges may start from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 6000.

  • How much time it take to load all the stuff?

Again, this depend on the number of item you have that are required to get packed for shifting.

  • How much time does a company take to make a survey before moving?

This might take some time, this is the first and the foremost part of any relocation service. If you have few or less items to move then the survey might get over within an hour. If you have many items then the survey might stretch till 3-5 hours.

  • How many days before the shifting should I call Mumbai Packers and Movers near me for relocation?

Depends upon the choice of company you make. If you consider an A-grade company then you might need to book them a week or 15 days prior to shifting as they might have packed schedule else calling them a day before would also do.

  • If the company is expensive then how can I make shifting under my budget?

The charges totally depends on the number of goods or items you want them to shift. Smart planning must be done in advance by categorizing things, decluttering the unnecessary and carrying the small and ready to use things in a bag along with you.

Also, you can search and ask quotations from two to three packers and movers company to evaluate and work as per your budget.

  • What kind of boxes does Packers and Movers service providers use for shifting?

All of them use water-proof boxes to protect the inside items. For fragile items, companies use bubble sheet, thermacole sheets or foam based sheets for extra care and protection of items like TV, Computer, Crockery and other electronics that need care to handle.

  • When should I start searching for a Movers and Packers Mumbai company?

If you are shifting locally then you can search for the company within a week’s time and if you are planning to move out of the city then you must take a threshold of 15 days in order to get the best one within your budget.

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Happy Shifting!

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