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Do you think the packers and movers you have hired will keep your items insured during the move? If not make sure you have an Insured moving company in Delhi. A reliable and certified Movers and Packers are bonded and insured to ensure that they cover all your belongings during the loading and unloading services in Delhi


However, uncertain mishaps can happen, but if the moving company is licensed under the department of transportation you may have fewer chances of domestic or commercial relocation. Assigning a bonded moving company in Delhi for your relocation makes you feel protected from your goods. But, that is no similar to insured ones, a domestic or commercial relocation service providers provides all.

Do Packers And Movers In Delhi Need To Be Insured, Bonded & Licensed?

If packers and movers in Delhi are insured, bonded and licensed means they are registered, provides its customer proper insurance and make payments for additional coverage with a bond. The bond provided by the home shifting company in delhi is never insurance rather it is a contractor bond is an addition to cover damages incurred during the move, incomplete work or shoddy work. 

However, office shifting companies in Delhi can’t actually sell insurance, but under the law, they can provide valuation options. 

Kinds of Valuation options –

  • Released Value Protection 
  • Full-value protection
  • Third-Party Insurance

How Is Valuation Different From Insurance?

Insurance is meant to cover the damage incurred to your goods, while valuation is the amount that packing and moving company in Delhi is liable to pay for damage incurred during the transit. 

What Doesn’t A Valuation Protection Cover?

Anything that happens beyond licenses for certain situations like earthquakes, fires, floods and many more isn’t covered by valuation. Moreover, there are certain conditions that loading and unloading companies may not allow value protection to apply –

  • If the customers themselves pack their goods to the Delhi movers and packers.
  • If you fail to report the lost or damaged items immediately after the move.
  • If you fail to mention the extraordinary value of the item in writing.
  • If you packed dangerous items before informing the Movers and Packers in Delhi.

The best part about hiring an insured moving company in Delhi is that they, do not have liability limits on damaged items.

Should I Consider A Third Party Insured Company For Damage?

There are third-party insurance providers that handle insurance for the moving companies. With their help, you can say that your relocation provider is an insured moving company. These third-party cover full protection of your articles during the transit. 

These third-party insurance custom clearance provider is certified and is lined with the list of local packers and movers in Delhi that render services to the clients that demand extra protection. 

Be it moving in the local areas of Delhi or outside Delhi, you never know when the weather can turn unpredictable. Thus, it makes sense to go with insurance, since it protects against all odds.

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